Having the ability to respond to varying risk with scalable security measures while maintaining costs is attractive to the client.   An FSP is a cost-effective use of resources, applying only those that are needed as they are needed.  It also allows for more transparent integration of elements being added, meaning the impact the families day to day routine is minimal and only when necessary because the family has a smaller version of most elements already.

The founder of Protection Design LLC developed the Family Safety Program (FSP) in response to a significant number of those within the Ultra-Wealthy or Ultra High Net Worth community that do not have significant risk but whose risk does warrant some formalized risk mitigation.  A Family Safety Program is a flexible, compartmentalized security program which uses low profile, and often transparent  security tools to mitigate risk to the Ultra-Wealthy or Ultra High Net Worth and their families, while maintaining the ability to increase security presence rapidly if required.


Developing Family Safety Programs provides a prominent family with the tools to reduce risk and feel safe and secure while having a quality of life. Programs can be tailored to the unique family nuances, likes and dislikes, while maintaining an effective security presence. Such programs often include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Family Training on Safety and Security Behavior

  • Background Programs for Domestic/Administrative Staff

  • Training of Domestic and Administrative Staff on Security Methods

  • Travel Security Planning

  • Management of Family Safety Program

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Family Safety Program  (FSP)

Ultra-Wealthy / Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNWI'S)

​​Ultra-Wealthy or Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI´s) are defined as typically having a net worth of $30 Million dollars to $250 Million dollars. In today’s world, the risk to these individuals and their families is growing, both domestic and more so as they travel abroad. In addition day to day risk situations and circumstances outside of their control can change at any time, increasing the risk quickly. ​​Often, Ultra-Wealthy or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and their family’s do not need a full protection team, but a simple home alarm and porch light may not be enough. 

Protection Design LLC can assist in determining exactly what level of security a UHNWI and their family may need.  Some situations call for short term protective services based on a temporary situation, while in some other cases it might call for a more complex and long term protective service. In these cases we can assist a client in creating an entire program. However, when the risk is lower Protection Design LLC can work with the UHNWI in developing their own Family Safety Program (FSP), a low profile, often transparent answer to many of the UHNWI security & safety issues. 

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