While confidentiality is an absolute "MUST" in our business and one we take great care to maintain, we are also quite proud of the achievements Randy Biglow and his team had incurred nationally and internationally and within a broad range of fields and events.  For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Randy Biglow and Protection Design LLC have worked with a wide variety of organizations. While our approach varied to address their individual goals, our clients enjoyed similar experiences: measurable accomplishment.

Below please find some of our success stories, and one of our best tools to assure you that we are the Security Consultant Firm you are looking for. Please contact Protection Design LLC for a one-on-one initial consultation, or with any questions or comments you might have. We look forward to working with you soon.

Corporate Security Program

Security Consultant - Design & Implementation

case - A Start-Up company experienced extreme success and Protection Design LLC Team Members were asked to design and implement the entire Executive Protection Program for the company's Top Executives, one being in the Worlds Richest People. The programs were designed and implemented without challenge and to a successful completion.  

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Family Safety Program, family security, ultra-wealthy security, security yacht

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National Campaign Security

Director of Security

Protection Design LLC Team Members provided direct oversight and management of the protection detail assigned to maintain safety & security of General Election Candidate for National Prime Minister Campaign. The candidate won election with no incidents of note during the campaign

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corporate security, executive protection, corporate safety

Family Safety Program

Security Consultant - Design & Implementation

Protection Design LLC Team Members have designed and implemented Family Safety Programs for a number of Ultra-Wealthy or Ultra High Net Worth Individual and their families. These programs often include residential properties and associated security around the world, management of private aircraft & yacht security, extensive travel planning and so forth. 

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Olympic Games Security, Corporate Security, Travel Security, Executive Security, Special Events Security

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Our Success Stories

Special/Major Events

Director Of Operations - 6 OLYMPIC GAMES 

During the six (6) of the past seven (7) Olympic Games, including Rio 2016, ProtectionDesign LLC Team Members have sucessfully worked with some of the largest Sponsor/Guest companies of the Olympics in developing Security Plans, Operational Procedures, Crisis Response Plans and Security Policies as well as Execution and Oversight of those plans leading up to and during the Olympics Games with minimal or no incidents.  

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