The Venues we work with frequently;​​

  • Coliseums/Stadiums

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Fixed Base Operators (FBO´s)

  • Marina´s

Special Events Security, Major Events Security, Olympic Games Security, Security for Events

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   Our Services Include;


  • Risk Assessments​

  • Site Security Surveys

  • Advance Team (Person) for all venues & locations.

  • Event Rider Confirmation

  • Site Security Planning & Coordination

  • Emergency Response/Evacuation Planning

Special/Major Events Security

As the world experience changes in risk, security must also change!!!

Our extensive experience in Special/Major Events includes: six of the last seven Olympic Games, two Prime Minister campaigns, numerous red carpet events and several global music tours by international entertainers has allowed us to develop a significant level of skills, knowledge and confidence to become your best Safety and Security Consulting Partner.

Focusing on a proactive posture of pre-planning & preparation, our Advance teams can develop risk assessments and subsequent operational plans that mitigate the risk to acceptable levels, predicting the foreseen and preparing for the unforeseen. Our team includes close protection operatives, former military & law enforcement entities and local resources around the world. 


Security Consutant, Risk Management, Security Programs

​Please contact Protection Design LLC for an initial consultation.  We would be happy to guide you through an existing situation or development of a security program.   We are the Security Consultant Firm you are looking for.

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Whether your event is one that your VIP is attending, you are speaking at or even a major event that is totally your responsibility Protection Design LLC can help. 

Specific Types of Events we have experience with;

  • Multi-Country/City Music Tours

  • w/International entertainers

  • Multi-Country/City Corporate 

  • National Festivals/Celebrations

  • National/Global Awards Ceremonies

  • International Conference/Speaking Events