Special/Major Events 

Our work with Special/Major Events is global and includes extremely large events such as The Olympic Games, World Music Tours, National Book Signing Tours and National Political Campaigns. Working in areas such as Event Security Planning & Operations, Crisis Planning and direct oversight of Candidate (s) /Entertainer (s) /VIP(s) security are just some of the many types of projects we have managed and worked within... 

Please contact Protection Design LLC for an initial consultation. We would be happy to guide you through an existing situation or development of a security program.   "Protection Design LLC - Your Security Consultant Partner"

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We work with small to medium size corporations who have a need for security programs in support of the safety and well-being of their company, employees, visitors as well as their company assets and goals. We also work in the assessment of the top executive safety and security risk and development of supportive security programs. A key element of this service is International Travel Security, an area we have worked in a great deal with a strong emphasis on Latin America...

​​​Ultra-Wealthy (UHNWI´s) 

Are defined as typically those having a net worth of $30 Million dollars to $250 Million dollars. In today’s world, the risk to these individuals and their families is often higher than a typical person, domestically and more so as they travel abroad. In addition to various levels of day to day risk, there are situations and circumstances outside of their control that can change their risk at any time. Protection Design LLC can conduct a Risk Assessment and determine their specific risk. While many risk factors are similar each UHNWI has their own risk, that must be understood to allow Protection Design LLC the ability to recommend security mitigation tools or resources. Security resources may be limited to a security for a single trip being taken, training of staff, quarterly assessments to name a few typical resources. UNHWI´s may require a full executive protection program, but in many cases their risk may not require such as robust a program. In these cases we often recommend our Family Safety Program or FSP...

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​​​​​​Our Security Consulting Services 

Corporate Security


Phase 1: We conduct a Risk Assessment, including a review of all Physical & Technical,  Operational and Administrative Security.  

Phase 2: We review Recommendations from the Risk Assessment with the client to determine Approved Recommendations, to be created or implemented.  

 Phase 3: We proceed to implement the Approved Recommendations which could include; policies, procedures, designs, training and many other items, all intended to create or complete a Security Program which meets the client needs and mitigates risk.

​​​​​International Travel Security 

In the area of International Travel Security we have extensive experience with Corporate Travel in many countries around the world, guiding clients and their employees on such topics as Situational Awareness (training), Country Reports, Travel Reports and even Assessments of specific cities and communities. As Latin America continues to be a region of concern, with risk seeing peak levels in some areas, we remain active in this region. This focused attention has enabled us to develop some of the finest resources available...


Our Philosophy is to pursue a proactive approach, reducing the possibility of an incident becoming a crisis before it happens.  We must also maintain a reactive capability in case the unforeseen happens, but always in addition to the proactive inclusion.

Additionally, Protection Design LLC Executive Management maintains direct involvement in each project.  It is this oversight that we believe provides the client with assurance that the project will be completed satisfactorily. 

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What Drives Us

The driving force behind what we do is simple;  Protection Design LLC creates and develops successful

Security Programs, by ensuring existing programs or developing new ones that meet industry standards, address clients' needs and mitigate risk to acceptable levels.


Our reward comes with meeting challenges successfully and resolving risk for clients throughout the United States and across Latin America.