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​​At Protection Design LLC we believe that Securityin the workplace is a necessity and a MUST, We work with small to medium size corporations who have a need for Security Programs in support of the safety and well-being of their company, employees, visitors as well as their company goals.  Some of our specialties are; Executive Security Protection, Program Audit, Security Services Training and Corporate Security Solutions.

Our services include;

  • Internal Security Department – Todays’ risk to corporations do not allow for a ¨canned¨ security program. Companies are seeking an unbiased review of their own security program, comparing their own program to benchmarks and industry standards. Some may be missing an element or two of a typical program or the company may be lacking the skill sets to develop such elements internally. We work with companies to audit or develop entire Corporate Security Programs as well as elements necessary in an existing program. 

'Proactively Avoiding an Incident Before it Becomes a Crisis'

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  • Executive Protection Program Audit and/or Design - Executives live and work every day with the reality that outside of normal business risks there are many threats.  Fame, popularity and wealth often accompany success; other opportunities can also surface with individual’s intent on causing embarrassment or even harm to an individual, their family or an associated company.  Protection Design LLC can work with these clients to identify unique, customized strategies which will mitigate the risk.

  • IRS 132 Audits –  Companies are always looking for cost savings within their departments. IRS regulation 132 allows for company tax advantages when a formal audit is done specific to the company and its executive protection program. This audit must be done by an unbiased entity and once submitted the client is often able to incur significant tax benefits.

  • Security Training – Protection Design LLChas worked with numerous corporations in providing training in a variety of security related topics.  Our instructors are all practitioners in the field and can adjust our curriculum to fit your unique needs.
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​​With the business world of today often being on a global presence a key element in many security programs, private, corporate or other, is Travel Security.  In today’s world international crisis is impacting business and pleasure travel more frequently than ever before. Our team can work with you in developing a variety of tools which can mitigate risk for your travelers.  Some key areas we are often tasked with include;

  • Destination Risk Assessments

  • Country Reports, City Security Reviews, Travel Advisories

  • Advance Services – routes, destinations, itineraries, etc.

  • Travel Accompaniment

  • International Trip Liaison Officer

  • Travel Safety Training for Executives and Family

  • Aircraft/Yacht Crew Training

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